17 Feb, 20241 min read

SOEs' Directors' Induction Training 2024 by PCB

PCB Directors' Induction Training 2024

In its relentless pursuit of excellence and efficiency, the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) recently conducted its Director's Induction Training for SOEs' Boards. The induction, held from January 15th to 17th, January 21st to 22nd, and February 7th, aimed to equip newly appointed directors in SOEs with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in their roles expediently.

With a total of 85 directors in attendance, including 12 chairpersons, 15 managing directors, 1 deputy managing director, 1 Ex Director, and 56 Non-Executive Directors, the training was comprehensive and tailored to address the diverse needs of these key stakeholders in PCB's governance structure. PCB will continue the series of batches once new directors are appointed in future too.

The overarching objective of the induction was crystal clear: to empower directors to swiftly and effectively assume their responsibilities within the organization. To achieve this goal, the training meticulously covered a range of essential topics across multiple chapters. These include, Board strategies and Board effectiveness, legal environment, PCB Monitoring and evaluation, brainstorming and discussion.

By immersing directors in these key areas, the induction training provided a solid foundation for effective governance and leadership within PCB. Furthermore, it fostered camaraderie and synergy among directors, paving the way for collaborative efforts to tackle the complex challenges and seize the myriad opportunities on the horizon. Some Major areas covered includes Board strategies, Board effectiveness, SOEs corproate governance code, compliance issues, the legal environment, important PCB circulars and guidelines along with sector issues and suggested potential solutions.

Looking ahead, the knowledge, insights, and relationships forged during the induction will undoubtedly serve as catalysts for driving PCB's mission forward with unwavering dedication and purpose. As PCB continues its journey towards excellence and innovation, the empowered cadre of directors stands ready to chart new paths, navigate uncharted territories, and redefine success in the ever-evolving landscape of privatization and corporatization.